Kokomo Rescue Mission is a Christian social service ministry providing a Bible-based response to the problems of homelessness and poverty. Learn more about the Mission’s outreach programs, shelter programs for men and women.
The vast majority of Kokomo Rescue Mission’s support comes from individuals, churches, businesses, organizations and foundations (83% in FY 17-18, including “gifts-in-kind”). The remaining 17% comes from our resale stores and recycling.
Of every dollar given (in FY 17-18) 75% went to fund programs. Read more about KRM’s financial accountability.
The Mission provides shelter for men and for women and children, with programs that vary from a few nights of emergency shelter to long-term programs of up to 18 months dealing with addiction and other underlying causes of homelessness. KRM also provides outreach programs that feed the hungry, clothe the needy and provide Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance.
They are men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds, who have become homeless for a variety of reasons or who are living at or below the poverty level. Most are people whose lives have been shattered by addiction, broken relationships, lack of education, deep emotional problems or mental health issues. In recent months many have lost jobs and have gone through all their financial resources.
Instead of the stereotypical older alcoholic man, the homeless now are much younger, 53% under 45 years old. 20% are under 18 years of age. Children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Of homeless families, 70% are a single parent with children.
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