Homelessness: Our Challenge, and What We Do

In these times of uncertainty, both economically and socially, we have seen an increase need in our community.  The opiate epidemic has been here affecting our homes, businesses, and community for a while.  Now, with the latest restrictions and isolation, those in recovery are rebounding.

Drug addiction and abuse are ransacking homes, finances, families, our entire community. This darkness has saturated even the most unlikely places.

At the Kokomo Rescue Mission, our staff and volunteers want to share hope, not just in the form of a Grab & Go meal, a grocery sack of food, a warm night of shelter , but most importantly through the Good News of our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Hurting, Hungry and Homelessness need our help

Last year (2019) alone, KRM …

  • Served 121,325 meals to hungry men, women, and children
  • Provided 28,764 nights of shelter for our homeless neighbors
  • Assisted 128 women and 48 children at the Women’s Shelters
  • Helped 305 men who stayed in our Men’s Shelter
  • Served out 823 Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving Day
  • Provided Red Ribbon Christmas to 570 families with 1,470 people

And so much more. All in the name of Jesus. Won’t you join us in reaching out to the hurting in our community by donating?

Current needs List

(updated weekly)

Canned Food: fruit, pork n beans, vegetables, beans, meats, ravioli/spaghetti, beef stew, and chili

Other Items: condiments, sugar, spices, vinegar, soy sauce, vanilla, spaghetti sauce, dry noodles, and rice

Perishable Items: bread, butter, cheese, lettuce/salad, fresh fruits and veggies

Cleaning Items: paper towel, toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disinfectant wipes, bleach, laundry soap, and nitrile gloves

Personal Hygiene: shampoo, deodorant, and tampons

Diapers: size 1, 5 and 6

Batteries: AA and AAA

Please contact us if you have any questions about donations.