Core Program

Core program encompasses the skills needed to begin reentry back into the community successfully.  Focus will rely on obtaining necessary identification documents, insurance, financial literacy, transportation and physical and mental healthcare. The residential guests will create personalized goals and then strive to reach those goals such as attending addiction groups, or substance abuse support groups.  Eventually, they will be working on getting everything lined up so they would be able to move into safe shelter.

Career Program

Career program places emphasis on education and a purposeful career suited to the individuality of each residential guest.  Career Climbers & ServSafe courses are just a couple of ways of residents are able to take part in within this program.  Career Climbers teaches residents not only how to obtain employment, but how to be promoted within their company.  ServSafe course provides the opportunity for each resident who is interested in food-service industry receive the ServSafe Certification.  Within this program they will also be working toward individual goals that they have set for themselves.

Leadership Program

Leadership Program focuses on skills that allow for real-life applications within the personal lives of our residential guests.  Residents who choose this program are striving to grow in leadership, spiritually, and to create a healthy community outside the walls of the shelter.  Classes are offered such attending one of the healing classes to creating community outside of the shelter walls.  This program leads our residential guests to discovering goals and purposes in walking alongside of others.







**Each program also has the opportunities to assist with substance abuse issues by groups that are held at the shelters, and by connecting each resident who struggles with substance abuse with community partners for addiction recovery.

A New Way of Life

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

– Philippians 4:13

“That verse is my favorite Bible passage because I know Jesus can take everything bad that’s happened in my life and turn it into good,” says Jerome, 47, a former men’s shelter resident. “Jesus Christ is the only one who can transform my life.”

Jerome has endured a lifetime of hardship. For 11 years as a child, the destructive abuse he suffered from his stepfather left him with severe mental illness, and he’s been in and out of jails and psychiatric units throughout his adult life. He’s been on several psychotropic drugs to control his illness, but he says the side effects were worse than the illness.

“There were times I thought I was going to die,” he says. “For the past 15 years, I’ve been on Prolixin, which is supposed to help manage paranoia and other schizophrenic symptoms. But for me, it just bypassed all my sense of reality.”

He’s rarely worked because he’s been on disability since the age of 25. Loneliness has haunted him his entire life. “But I’ve always had a good friend in Jesus,” he says. “I know that. God has always been there looking after me through other people.”

After his latest release from jail, Jerome had nowhere to go. He wanted to start over somewhere safe, so he came to Kokomo Rescue Mission, where he hoped he could learn to stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his life without drugs, through the healing power of Jesus Christ.

“I believe Jesus can set me free from this slavery to drugs and mental illness,” he says. “At KRM, I was surrounded by people who love God and who held me accountable. I have a spiritual family that is supporting me. I feel better about myself today than I ever have.”

To friends like you who support KRM, Jerome says, “Thank you for helping me grow closer to God, and helping me learn a new way of life and how to live the way Christ wants me to live.”

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